It's important to separate fact from fiction when it comes to poison plant rashes, so you can protect yourself from exposure and take the necessary steps to treat an allergic reaction if you do come into contact with any of the Ivy League of plants.

Myth: Only some people are allergic to poison ivy. Reality: Anyone can be allergic to poison ivy. The allergic reaction is caused by the plant's urushiol resin, and while some people may be more sensitive to it than others, anyone can develop an allergic reaction.

Myth: Poison ivy always has three leaves. Reality: While poison ivy often has three leaves, it can have more or fewer leaves, and the shape and size of the leaves can vary widely.

Myth: The rash from poison ivy is contagious. Reality: The rash from poison ivy is not contagious and cannot be spread by touching or being near someone who has a rash unless oil left behind from initial contact is still present.

Myth: Scratching the rash will spread it. Reality: Scratching the rash will not spread it to other parts of your body, but it can cause the rash to become infected and make the itching worse.

Myth: The rash will go away on its own. Reality: The rash from poison ivy can take weeks to go away on its own, but there are treatments available that can help to reduce the itching and speed up the healing process.


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